Primers & Fillers

Primers & Fillers

 Essential Primers & Fillers for Wall Preparation before Top Coat.

Acrylic Emulsion Primer

This water-based primer with its alkali resistant sealer properties provide..

Rs. 4,100

Fenomastic Primer (INT.) JOTUN

Fenomastic Emulsion Primer is a high performance waterborne primer based on..

Rs. 4,900

Jotashield Alkali Resistant Primer

A high quality waterborne, acrylic copolymer based primer that is alkali re..

Rs. 5,400

Jotashield Penetrating Primer 18 Ltr

This is a high quality acrylic and solvent-borne primer with excellent alka..

Rs. 40,800

Jotun BlockFiller 18 Ltr

Jotun Blockfiller is a exterior grade filler based on vinyl acrylic copolym..

Rs. 16,200


PVA Primer is a copolymer based primer/sealer for use on plasters, concrete..

Rs. 3,300

Stucco Putty JOTUN

Stucco is a PVA copolymer based putty filler, ideal for smoothing walls, fi..

Rs. 1,800
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