Interior Products

Interior Products

Let your imagination take flight with Jotun’s range of excellent interior wall paints. With a brilliant range of colours, superb finishes and outstanding durability, your walls will come alive.

Durosan 02 Matt JOTUN

Durosan 02 interior is an acrylic copolymer, latex emulsion paint. It has g..

Rs. 2,900

Fenomastic Hygiene Emulsion SILK JOTUN

Our most hygienic paintFenomastic Hygiene is a superior quality, pure acryl..

Rs. 3,100

Fenomastic My Home Rich MATT JOTUN

Our Most Beautiful Paint EverA superior quality emulsion with a beautiful m..

Rs. 2,900

Fenomastic My Home Smooth SILK JOTUN

Our Most Beautiful Paint EverA superior quality emulsion with a smooth and ..

Rs. 2,600

Fenomastic Primer (INT.) JOTUN

Fenomastic Emulsion Primer is a high performance waterborne primer based on..

Rs. 4,900

Fenomastic Pure Colours Emulsion MATT JOTUN

Fenomastic Pure Colours Emulsion is a good quality emulsion paint designed ..

Rs. 2,300


Contemporary Shiny FinishEnjoy the freedom of expressing your creative side..

Rs. 3,700

Lady Design Pearl JOTUN

Stylish Pearl FinishTransform your home into a heavenly retreat with the ir..

Rs. 5,000

Lady Design Prestige JOTUN

Luxurious Metallic FinishInspired by the captivating splendor of sunli..

Rs. 4,300


Classic Roman FinishGives a majestic roman stone finish. It comes in a beau..

Rs. 10,000

Lady Design Stucco Antica JOTUN

Elegant Antique FinishExplore the attraction of old world charm through ele..

Rs. 4,600


PVA Primer is a copolymer based primer/sealer for use on plasters, concrete..

Rs. 3,300

Stucco Putty JOTUN

Stucco is a PVA copolymer based putty filler, ideal for smoothing walls, fi..

Rs. 1,800
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