Our Product portfolio?

Pipes & Fittings: uPVC, PPR-C, cPVC, G.I., M.S., S.S., F.S.
Valves: Brass, uPVC, S.S., C.I.
Bathroom Fixtures: Italian imported bathroom fittings, Daniel Rubinetterie & BOLD.
Paints: JOTUN Paints solution. Interior & Exterior, Primers, Putty, Distemper, Plastic Emulsions.
Electric Pumps & Heaters: Pressure Pumps, Automatic Switches, Sludge Pump, Water Heater.
Others: Grating Channels, Pipe Jointing solutions and tapes, Storage Tanks & a lot more.

Why Buy from us?

Over the course of our operations, spanning almost 50 years and serving 3 generations; we have practiced the invaluable lesson of following quality above all else. What we have learnt is that the water supply, distribution and disposal system of a house is like blood circulation in the human body; a leak in the system can have disastrous results. The cost of plumbing items is only 1-2% of the total cost of a house. But this expenditure determines the beauty and durability of your dream home. Quality plumbing supplies will last for a lifetime while low quality products start causing damage to your home within just 5 years. It is worthwhile to note that the difference between the cost of quality products and cheap products is no more than 0.5% of your total expenditures.

At National Pipe Corporation, we believe in honesty and the pursuit of excellence. We deal in the world’s leading brands obtained directly from the source. Our Products are imported from almost every continent in the world. Product origins are never falsified. When delivering products to our customers, we ensure that all item are counted accurately twice and securely packed. We follow a transparent system where the customer can view the counting and packing process as well. This is why we are the trusted brand among the most well-reputed Public and Private organisations as well as domestic customers. We believe that our customers are not just that but also prospective friends for life. Give us a visit and we assure you that you will enjoy the experience.

Delivery Details

Free Shipping is offered depending on the ordered product category, total bill amount and the location of the delivery. In case of any Delivery charges, the customer will be informed beforehand and will be offered to choose their preferred delivery method. Cash on Delivery (COD) is initially available for limited areas only.

How to Shop?
Follow these basic steps to enjoy an interactive shopping experience on this site.
1) Select your products and add your desired quantity to the shopping cart.
2) Checkout and fill your basic contact details.
3) Our Sales team will call you as soon as your order has been submitted with details regarding your preferred payment method and delivery time.
4) Receive your products to your desired location.
5) Or Visit our store and get your items on the spot.