Electrical Machinery

Electrical Machinery

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Automatic Switch (Press Drive ) ESPA Spain

Automatic pressure unit.Assembled on a pump for automatic water supply and ..

Rs. 9,000

Circulation Pump ESPA Spain

Designed for line circulation, helps in order to keep warm water available ..

Rs. 18,000

Float Switch MAC3 Italy

ApplicationIt is the most universally used float switch in the world for th..

Rs. 2,700

Monoblock Motor Centrifugal ESPA Spain

Self-priming horizontal surface pumps for pumping clean water in household ..

Rs. 29,000

Pressure Pump ESPA Spain

Multi-stage, integral, centrifugal, horizontal electric pumps for pressuris..

Rs. 24,500

Pressure Pump with VFD & Hammer Kit ESPA Spain

Variable speed, multistage, centrifugal electric pump in a horizontal mono-..

Rs. 65,000

Sludge Pump DRAINEX ESPA Spain

Submersible electric pumps for draining sewage, wastewater, water from sept..

Rs. 48,000
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