This product is a superior quality flexible, exterior, water based textured paint based on a pure acrylic emulsion and contains rock hard aggregates. It provides an elegant matt antique-like effect, giving an ancient look. This is an excellent effect to cover minor cracks and undulations present in cement plaster. The unique UV protected colours offer outstanding protection against the destructive effect of UV rays present in sunlight. Jotashield Heritage Antique Tex can be used to decorate and protect both old and new surfaces. Jotashield Heritage Glaze can be applied to give a more heritage look.

Recommended use
For use on exterior surfaces like concrete, cement plaster etc. where an ancient or heritage textured look is required that can protect the substrate from concrete carbonation, substrate cracks, effects of UV and other environment elements. Additional properties like moisture permeability and liquid water resistance will protect the surface against effects of moisture and water. 
Substrate Applicable: Cement plaster, Concrete, block work, gypsum board and rendered surfaces.   Surface preparation
The surface must be clean, dry, fully cured and totally free from dirt, dust, loose particles and other contaminations like oil, grease and chemicals like curing agents, form releasing agents etc. Remove all loose particles, sharp edges, nibs etc. by abrading the surface with sand paper, rubbing stone, stiff bristle brush etc. and remove the accumulated dust.  
Typical paint system
On Concrete & Plaster 1 coat Jotashield Penetrating Primer 2 coats Jotashield Heritage Antique Tex Or 1 coat Jotashield Penetrating Primer 2 coats Jotashield Heritage Antique Tex 1 coat Jotashield ColourLast Silk 1 coat Jotashield Heritage Glaze

Note: Available in 16 Liter bucket. White Color.

Jotashield Decor Antique Tex JOTUN

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