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Submersible Pump Vigila 200 ESPA SPAIN

Portable submersible pump for wastewater.Pumping for evacuation, transfer a..

Rs. 47,500

Submersible Pump Vigilex 300 ESPA SPAIN

Portable submersible pump for wastewater with solids in suspension, vortex ..

Rs. 59,550

Water Meter China

Water Meter (Made in China)1/2" to 8"2" & onwards are all flanged...

Rs. 2,500


C-65™ CleanerLow VOC formula for removal of oil and grease from the surface..

Rs. 2,400

WELD ON CPVC Solution 714 USA

Weld-On® 714™ CPVCHeavy bodied, medium setting, low VOC CPVC cement for all..

Rs. 1,100

WELD ON UPVC Solution 717 USA

Weld-On® 717™ PVCHeavy bodied, medium setting, low VOC PVC cement for all c..

Rs. 2,130

Wrapping Tape Anti-Corrosion POLYKEN USA

Anti-Corrosion Black Wrapping Tape from Polyken USA.#930. #942. #955. #980...

Rs. 3,500

Wrapping Tape Anti-Corrosion STOPAQ USA

Anti-Corrosion Wrapping Tape from STOPAQSTOPAQ® - Visco-elastic Corrosion P..

Rs. 1,500
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