Globe Valve bellows YOSHITAKE JAPAN

 Bellows Sealed Globe Valve * Non-rising handwheel: Free from for..

Rs. 24,000

Pressure Reducing Valve 10K YOSHITAKE

* Pilot operated piston type* Superior durability* Stable performance* Valv..

Rs. 90,000

Pressure Reducing Valve 20K YOSHITAKE

* Pilot operated diaphragm type* Far superior capacity and p..

Rs. 146,000

Pressure Reducing Valve M.I. WATER YOSHITAKE

* Direct-acting type* Stable reduced pressure against fluctuation of inlet ..

Rs. 116,500

Pressure Reducing Valve STEAM YOSHITAKE

* Direct-acting type* Small, compact and advanced design* Superior performa..

Rs. 52,000

Pressure Reducing Valve WATER YOSHITAKE

* Small and compact* Superior performance and durability* Easy instration a..

Rs. 38,000

Steam Trap M.I. Thermodynamic Yoshitake

* Bi-metal ring eliminates air binding.* Stable performance and superior du..

Rs. 22,000


* Screwed, ductile cast iron and 2.0 MPa* Small and compact* Low pressure l..

Rs. 4,500
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