• Max. Operating Pressure: 1.6 MPaG
• Max. Operating Temperature: 100°C
• Unique 3-point seating
• Discharge Capacity: 30 - 280 kg/h

• Body: Zinc Alloy


Light free-float air trap for pipe-end installation to automatically drain condensate and oil from compressed air systems.

1. Self-modulating free float provides continuous, smooth, low velocity condensate discharge as process loads vary.

2. Perfect air-tight seal, even under low-load conditions.

3. Only one moving part, the free float, prevents concentrated wear and provides long maintenance-free service life.

4. Built-in screen with large surface area ensures extended trouble-free operation.

5. Manual blow down device allows cleaning of the valve seat from outside during operation in case of oil and dirt accumulation.

6. Major internal parts made of stainless steel.

7. For either horizontal or vertical installation.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MpaG)  PMO1.6
Maximum Differential Pressure (Mpa)  ∆PMX
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)  TMO
Applicable FluidAir                                       

Air Trap JA3D TLV Japan

  • Brand: TLV Japan
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