Ball Valve Yellow Handle Heavy Duty IMT Switzerland recommended for Gas

Pressure Rating: MOP 5 (72,5 psi) gas Fig. 595
                          MOP 5 GT1 (high temperature resistant 1 bar - 14,5 psi) gas Fig. 595 HT
Temperature Rating max. 60°C (140°F) gas
Min. / max. ambient Temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F) gas
Brass Body
Full Bore
Threaded Ends according to ISO 7
Blow Out Proof Stem
Chrome Plated Ball
Length M3 according to DIN 3202-4 and DIN 3357-4
Female Ends
With yellow Steel Handle for Gas

Dimensions given below in MM

59502 FF1/4”105011213985
59503 FF3/8”106011,4213985
59504 FF1/2”157515264585
59506 FF3/4”208016,3324985
59508 FF1”259019,14158110
59510 FF1 1/4”3211021,45064110
59512 FF1 1/2”4012021,45581,5135
59316 FF2”5014025,77089,5135
Product Information
Material Brass
Made in Italy

Ball Valve Yellow IMT Switzerland

  • Rs. 1,800

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